“Integrating PPTX Builder into our daily workflow has freed up valuable time for our team, allowing us to focus more of our efforts on providing clients with meaningful insights to their business questions, all while maintaining InCrowd's branding and speed.”

Danielle Costas, Analyst: Business Strategy & Insights

The Challenge

InCrowd provides the life sciences industry with real-time feedback from highly targeted healthcare professionals, giving their clients a competitive edge.

For InCrowd, speed to insights for clients is key, which isn’t always easy when there is a high demand for quick turnaround projects. InCrowd approached PPTX Builder to explore the possibility of reducing the amount of time spent on mundane, copy and paste, work when reporting. Not only would automating these tasks ensure faster delivery of actionable insights to their clients, but it would free up the mind space for their researchers to spend more time on critical thinking types of exercises.

The Solution

For InCrowd, the speed and automation offered by PPTX Builder is key to decreasing time spent on manual report building.

Because researchers can drag and drop tables into the tool to automatically visualise data, question text and base information, InCrowd can condense the amount of time needed to input data into a report. After selecting the most suitable chart types from their built-in library, researchers can instantly export charted data to their PowerPoint template. There is no need to spend hours perfecting positioning, changing colours, updating fonts and adding logos to reflect InCrowd’s brand and style.

By using PPTX Builder, InCrowd have been able to increase output and decrease time per report, meaning faster, top quality insights for their clients.

The numbers

Since integrating PPTX Builder’s report automation platform into their existing work-flows, InCrowd estimate that their researchers are saving 2 hours on each report they create using the platform.

Now, you’re probably keen to see how PPTX Builder works, aren’t you?

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