“Indico Labs is a great time saver and error-remover. Now we can generate a whole deck of charts in minutes not hours, and be assured the data is 100% spot on.”

Liam Lavery, Account Manager

The Challenge

Painted Dog Research is a leading provider of market research. Their team of industry-leading consultants can help deliver a wide range of market research projects from small and simple to large and complex.

As part of their existing workflow, Painted Dog Research use a tabulation platform to produce data tables in Excel. Using the Excel tables, a consultant would then manually create charts to be used in insight driven PowerPoint reports for their client. Painted Dog Research approached PPTX Builder looking for a solution that would help them reduce the amount of time needed for manual chart creation, while maintaining confidence in the accuracy of the data and insights they are sharing with their clients.

The Solution

PPTX Builder’s PowerPoint automation tool allows Painted Dog Research to drag and drop their Excel tables into the platform, instantly visualising each question in chart form.

Because the data within the charts is linked directly to the Excel file, Painted Dog Research can be confident that the data, base information and question text will be 100% accurate for every single chart, significantly reducing the probability of data errors and giving them even more time to focus on delivering the insights that are so valuable to their clients.

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