Indico Labs is packed with functionality but the platform is incredibly easy to use.
Let us tell you about some of our favorite features.

Drag-and-drop Excel crosstabs. Upload your tables as they are. We will create a custom data pipeline to handle your tables automatically.

Visualize your data. Each table in your Excel file is dynamically visualized on a slide. Scroll through your slides to quickly understand your data.

Interact with your data. Use the customization pane to sort your data, hide percent signs, switch between crossbreaks, slide layouts, choose from 9 chart type and more.

Clickable data points. Hide or show a series. Easily compare between series which interest you.

Download PowerPoint. Download your data visualization in a PowerPoint instantly. Save time by using your own PowerPoint template to stay on brand.

Edit PowerPoint as you wish. Indico Labs uses native PowerPoint objects. Edit your charts and shapes as much as you want.

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