Other Services

Outsource your reports to us. We can act as your in-house reporting team.

1. Tracker Automation Service
Manually updating PowerPoints for tracking projects can be time consuming and error-prone. Let us automate it for you. Our experts can automate new projects and ongoing projects. We use our in-house tracker automation tool.

2. Adhoc Automation Service
Need PowerPoints for one-off projects? No problem. Send us your data and PowerPoint template and we'll take care of the rest.

Multiple PowerPoints

We can produce multiple reports for the same project, this applies to multi-country, department and regional projects.

Fast Track PowerPoints

Fast turnaround projects are common for us. We can return your report within 24 hours for most projects.

3. HTML Presentations Service
Want to impress your clients? An interactive web-based presentation should do the trick. HTML presentations provide a more engaging way of telling your story. We can bring your ideas to life. Check the example here.

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