User Guide

Watch our short videos below and we'll help you to get started.

Learn how to use PPTX Builders intuitive PowerPoint automation tool with these short, step-by-step video guides.

Upload Excel Crosstabs

See how you can easily upload your Excel crosstabs to PPTX Builder

Dynamically view tables in chart form

See how PPTX Builder enables you to dynamically view a given table from your survey data as a chart.

Interact with your data

See how PPTX Builder enables you to interact with your data on the fly.

Using Custom Templates

Learn how to prepare your or your client's PowerPoint template

Upload your PowerPoint template

Upload your company or client PowerPoint template to PPTX Builder

Dynamic base(s)

Base size information in the Market Research world is very important. We automatically pull this information in.

Edit charts and shapes in PowerPoint

PPTX Builder uses native PowerPoint objects, meaning you can edit anything and everythinga as you normally would in PowerPoint.

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