World, meet Indico Labs!

By Majeed Saheb-Zadha

Today, we’re changing our name from PPTX Builder to Indico Labs.

As we take big leaps and introduce incredible new features, we are becoming so much more than a PowerPoint building tool, and therefore it feels right for our name to reflect this.

Three years ago, we started the business with a mission to streamline the process of building data presentations in PowerPoint. We named the business ‘PPTX Builder’ because we wanted to assist our early customers with the ‘building’ of the data presentation.

Now, you’ve told us that the problem is much bigger than simply building data presentations quickly, and we have listened.

Now, our mission is to be the world's best presentation software for data professionals by combining superior design features with powerful data analytics functionality. Through this combination, we aspire to enable you to tell compelling data stories through beautifully designed presentations.

Our new name ‘Indico’ is a reflection of our new mission. Indico is a Latin word that means to 'show', 'reveal' or 'point out’.

For our customers, besides introducing far greater functionality over the course of the year, not too much will change. You can access your exact same account via, using your current email and password. You won't need a new account.

We can’t wait to bring all of our customers, existing and new, on this journey with us as we continue to refine our product.